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We perform the following types of coatings:

Deck & Wood Preservation

Polyurethane & Clear Coating
Venetian Plaster (Wax or Polish)

  • ·Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • ·Decorative Concrete Coatings
  • ·Waterproofing Sealing Services
  • ·Stain Finishing
  • ·Stain Refinishing
  • ·Stain Services
  • ·Acid Stain Services

    We also are able to repair and maintain all types of flooring, including 

    • concrete repair
    • industrial coating
    • epoxy flooring
    • repairing stained concrete
    • crack repair of concrete flooring
    • concrete sealing
    • sand blasting
    • concrete floor coating
    • epoxy floor coating
    • urethane caulking
    • concrete painting
    • sealing concrete
    • waterproofing of concrete floors
    • clean concrete
    • acid washing
    • seamless epoxy flooring